The history of the Tarot itself has been controversial and scattered depending on what you read. The first known deck originated sometime in 1440, but it is said that the Tarot was first created and practiced by the ancient Egyptians.  Who knows what history is fact or fiction but the track record of the Tarot seems to really start in the 1440's in Italy.

The Tarot is said to be a game created by Mystics who wanted to create a tool for people to be able to connect to the spirit world in a way that was fun and constructive. Something that would keep people wanting to connect with the "powers that be.”

 There are obviously many different interpretations to what the spirit world is or could be. From an esoteric stand point,  the spirit world is within and around us in all areas. The etheric web of vibrational energies that connect all consciousness within our planet, and the universe.

Nobody really understands exactly why the Tarot works from a scientific perspective, but from a spiritual and perhaps even a metaphysical perspective there is a way the cards come together that can help us gain clarity on any obstacles we may be facing in our lives. In my own personal experience, I have found the cards operate and respond to the vibrational frequencies we omit, as well as the frequencies of the energies guiding us, and the frequencies of the celestial influences- such as stars, planets, and asteroids.

If you are unfamiliar with the Tarot I am going to kind of explain it in basic terms, if you are already aware of what it is than you can just skip this part!  

The Tarot is a life tool that is comprised of 78 cards. The cards are divided into two different sections as follows:

The Major Arcana = The cards that hold the most weight in the reading.

The Minor Arcana = The cards that add additional information about what it is you are going through and hold a bit less weight than the majors.

Each card has specific meanings with various symbolism. Every card represents either one or multiple elements and astrological signs. There is also numerology within every card and different cards oppose and reinforce each other. This system is how the Tarot can tell the story of your current life.

The elements  broken up within the Tarot are Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

The Signs within the elements are :

                   Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo = Earth

                  Leo, Aries, Sagittarius = Fire  

                  Aquarius, Libra, Gemini = Air

                  Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces = Water

Each card has a sign, and an element. Each sign and element has a specific energy.

In the Tarot Minor Arcana there is 4 suits - Wands = Fire, Swords = Air, Cups = Water, Pentacles = Earth

Each suit, element and sign has to do with different energies, and the numerology attached to them as well as the position in the reading is how that energy is playing out in your life.

What is Tarot used for?

Tarot is used for connecting to the cosmos to seek council from the spirit world about your life. It tells you what it is you are going through, where you have been, and where you are headed. It can have the ability to predict future events in your life, help you decide whether you should go for that job or lover you have been interested in, whether you need to be cautious, etc..

Although not everyone believes in the Tarot, I personally take it very seriously and believe any type of connection to the spirit world is to be regarded with the utmost appreciation, respect, and grace.

The role of the Tarot Reader is that we are channeling the energy connected to the person who is being read. We are asking that persons guides as well as the universe to help us, with the cards, give them an overview of their life and help them clarify what energies are benefiting them or hurting them.

Tarot does not tell you what you want to hear. It tells you what you need to hear and does not sugar coat anything. I, as the reader, am here to deliver the message of the universe to you through the cards in a way that is constructive and beneficial to your life, but with that said it may not always be fun depending on where you are at in your life.

The Tarot does not always tell us things we do not already know. It helps us clarify them, and then tells us what we can do about it.

As an intuitive reader I use my knowledge of the Tarot to help you intuitively decipher the meaning of cards in your own life. There is no wrong or right way to feel about the cards, but understanding the symbolism and each specific meaning of the cards can help us better understand the nature of the energy playing out for you in your life at this time.


It’s no secret that Astrology has come back with a vengeance and more and more people are showing an interest in learning what the stars have to say about them.  Astrology has made many trendy comebacks over the decades predominantly in the 60’s, 70’s, 90’s, and again now, and while Astrology can be a fun way to stereotype people based on what time of year they were born, there is a lot more that goes into understanding Astrology than just your Sun sign. (Your Sun sign is the sign the Sun was in on the day you were born.)

      In this article I will give a brief history of how we got to understanding Astrology from a psychological perspective and the beliefs around why it is important to understand your personal Natal Chart more in depth.


    Astrology has been traced back to ancient India where the Hindus practiced it, as well as Mesopotamia when ancient Mesopotamians and the Sumerians first began to study the cosmos. Astronomy and Astrology was one in the same, and we could say that Astrology was created to define, in an archetypal way, the energy of the planets at various times of year and how that seemed to affect things on our planet and within us.

All ancient cultures have had their own system of studying planets and stars, as this was a significant discovery for understanding the cycles we experience throughout the year. And when you begin to read myths from all other religions or cultures, you begin to see that in some way or another, everyone saw the same energies from the same planets, influencing the Earth in the same way.   Everything from the changes of seasons, to when it was time to plant crops, or when catastrophic events may take place on the Earth like flooding, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, etc.. Our entire calendar system and the way that we track time was based on the study of the planets within our solar system and their effects on us here on earth. And so we have the phrase “As above, So below.”

  It was the Sumerians that decided that 60 minutes was in an hour, 60 seconds within a minute, 360 degrees made a circle, 30 degrees made up the 12 houses of the signs of the zodiac, etc…

 Our entire world today functions on this system and these studies, and yet, most of the modern world knows nothing of its origins.


  The Astrology that most of us in the Western world are aware of today is called “Humanistic Astrology.” And is the study of Astrology and its relationship to psychology and the belief that not only do the planetary influences affect our planet in a physical way, but also has an affect on all of us in a spiritual, mental, and psychological way. And that the way this is dictated is at the precise moment of our birth into the world, and that this astrological birth chart is a synchronistic event based on a previous action that took place at some point in time that resulted in us being born at that very specific moment. It is also a belief that the birth chart is a reflection of the karma we are bringing from past life actions from previous incarnations, and even the karma of our parents for some.

   A lot of Astrology before Humanistic Astrology was used primarily for divinitory purposes and was focused on predicting future events. Many events have been accurately predicted using Astrology. This is because there is a mathematical element to the cycles that occur within our solar system. Based on the mathematical “coincidences” that repeat themselves over the course of certain years, and how that can be looked at in the birth chart of an individual, on an event chart, we can see certain synchronicities that take place at certain cycles and within the lives of individuals who are being affected by those specific cycles. Astrology is not always a guessing game. It is based on a mathematical study of planetary cycles that have been recorded over thousands of years and tested and practiced by many people and many cultures for centuries.  


For those of us who may be newer to the study of Astrology- until we have had many years of practice and many years of study, it will sometimes feel like a guessing game as we learn the cycles within our own lives, as well as learn from the people we read for and the people who have come before us. It takes doing many charts, and studying many charts, as well as learning these mathematical cycles that are related to a lot of esoteric wisdom found in religions like the Kabbalah, Buddhist, and Hindu faiths, to fully understand how things play out for certain individuals going through certain cycles. And there will always be variables in the lives of people that can not always be accounted for using linear systems.The birth chart does not account for everything that happens in one’s life, but merely the energy around the cycle that individual is going through and how it is corresponding to other energy. The Humanistic approach which is focused more on psychology, allows for more room to find and express the spiritual and intuitive component of our lives within the birth chart and allows for Astrology to have more room to breathe and be less rigid when helping someone work through layers of their subconscious or conscious conditioning.


Humanistic Astrology wasn’t made popular in the western world until the 1960’s, but began appearing more in the works of Carl Jung when he began to speak highly of Astrology's psychological principles and how they pertained to personality traits within individuals rather than just being a tool to predict future events.

Astrologer, Dane Rudhyar, was a main key player in expressing the correlation between Astrology and Psychology, who first began these conversations in the 1930’s connecting psychology to the transits and shifts of the planets on the individuals birth chart and correlating it to personal shifts in energy and major life events around the personal growth of the individual.


Carl Jung was a pivotal player in bringing eastern philosophies to the western world in the 1940’s,  and coined the terms “shadow work” ,” synchronicity”, and the “Jungian Archetype.” But these philosophies were all based on his studies of eastern and western philosophies, and mythology primarily found in the faiths and religions of ancient cultures from around the world.

 Carl Jung was simply a messenger of information to the western world of things that other people had already known and been studying for thousands of years.



 In Vedic Astrology, Evolutionary Astrology, and Humanistic Astrology the birth chart is a karmic blueprint for our lives.

Karma for a lot of us is broken up into the simple phrase “ What goes around, comes around.”  Simplified, this phrase allows us to understand the basic principle of karma, but there are actually multiple kinds of karma according to the Hindu’s.

Most of us know and somewhat grasp the idea of the compound effect of consequence, but we don’t realise how much of The Butterfly Effect impacts our entire world in our soul journey- and not just within this dimension of Earth, but in dimensions elsewhere too.

  There are 4 main types of Karma, and the birth chart is a key or gateway into understanding what personal karma the individual is here to work out.

If there is one important thing in learning a birth chart, it is to learn this one thing; “Who am I? And, “What am I here to learn?”


Your birth chart, also called a “natal chart,” is a 360 degree circle broken up into twelve 30 degree pie slices that are categorized by each planet, and each sign of the zodiac. This chart accounts for the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western hemisphere of the location of where you were born, as well as where all of the planets were in the sky, what constellations they were in, and what they were doing at the exact time of your birth.


  Each planet has its own length of orbit, and that shows up in the birth chart as a degree and a minute. These degrees and minutes all have a relationship to each other, showing the way the planets were interconnected at the time of your birth, and how that time of year has been imprinted into your state of being. The cycle and phase of the moon is significant in this as it is said that whatever phase of the moon you were born in, and where that hits in your chart, is how you will emotionally process your world for the majority, if not entirety, of your life.


So while your Sun sign is a significant part of who you are, you can already see, that there is a complex world going on of all of the solar system and energies surrounding the planets within the solar system that have contributed to your journey as you on this planet, and that there is a specific shared belief in the study of Astrology that your birth was no accident, and that the timing of your birth was relevant to the evolution of the ever expanding universe and that your journey, past, present, and future will impact, in a butterfly effect way, the entirety of the cosmos for generations to come.


 We all have the energies of all the 12 signs. To judge someone solely based on their Sun Sign, while sometimes still can be eerily accurate, is not fair to understanding the whole entirety of the experience of that individual. And while their way of expressing or processing the same information as you may be different based on the way they are wired by the cosmos and their environmental, social, and cultural conditioning, they too have the same spectrum of emotions and ability to experience those emotions within this life, or future lifetimes to come.


In summary, I hope that if you are new to the study of Astrology, and you wish to further understand yourself and how you are mirrored in the cosmos, you will understand that we are all reflections of each other merrily bouncing back the energies we are being hit with at birth and in life every day.

 While there is a linear and mathematical process to the cycles of the universe, and an actual science to Astrology,  the way they play out can be chaotic, not always harmonious, and not always predictable to the generic and basic understanding we as humans have.


If you feel like you have not identified with your sign, or you have had a reading that you felt was not totally relevant for you in relation to your astrological makeup, it could have to do with the knowledge and efficiency of the reader.

Astrology has so many layers to the way it can be interpreted and understood, it is important that you yourself take the reins of your own personal journey and study yourself to know yourself better.

Only you will know yourself the best, and the study of Astrology helps you to understand the influence of the powers at be.

Shadow work enables us to lift the veil and bring these themes to the surface, and Humanistic Astrology which is reflected within the Hero's Journey of the Fool’s journey within the Tarot, is a great way of getting there.


Cosmic Lady Six is an archetypal image of my spiritual practice. My name is Analisa Selinda Six. Six is my real last name that I took when I married my husband. Both the word Cosmic, and the number 6 have played integral parts of my life, and if you care to know the layered meanings of either one, just feel free to ask me! 

I was born and raised in a small town in Eastern, WA and raised by a very spiritual and progressive family. My interests as a kid were primarily in animals, and then evolved into music. I spent most of my pre-teen and teenage years playing music which inevitably led me into heavy partying that would end up causing a lot of destruction in my life.

I spent a good number of years in my early 20s working a job that I hated and drowning in alcoholism. 

When I hit my mid 20's I knew I needed a major life change and I became Vegan and Sober and began spending every day in the gym.

Within a year I was in the deep throws of a spiritual awakening.

I would meet my teacher Vicki Noble, co-creator of the Mother Peace Deck, during that time, and begin what I feel has been my true calling, this spiritual practice and study of Esotericism, Tarot, and Astrology.

Currently, I live in Oakland, California with my two dogs and my husband. 

I primarily focus my spiritual practice on helping others navigate the trials and tribulations of this life through the guidance of Tarot and Astrology.

 I have a lot of guidance when it comes to issues in relationships, addiction, leaving a job you dislike, starting a new life, dysfunctional family dynamics, and ways to clean up your lifestyle to better serve the life you wish you were living.

I believe in the vibrational energy of the universe and that the frequency's we tap into play a huge role in what we manifest for ourselves in this life.

Tibetan and Esoteric Buddhism as well as Yoga are my primary interests when it comes to my spiritual practice, but I tie in a lot of Pagan Witchcraft as well as Folk Catholic and Brujeria/Santeria practices. Because I am Vegan, I do not believe, nor use any animal products in my practice unless they are bones or feathers that come to me on my nature walks.

I spend my practice speaking with the elements of the earth, the celestial bodies of our solar system, ancestors, spirit guides, and ascended masters.

Some areas of focus for me have been: dream work, animal totem work, witchcraft, candle work, home blessings, tarot readings, natal chart and transit readings ( astrology), ritual work, Star Seed downloads, herbalism, plant work, song writing, automatic writing, channeling, Kundalini yoga, Chakra cleansing and balancing, vegan health and fitness,  crystal healing, jungian psychology, hermetic teachings, numerology  and meditation.

I use all of the wisdom from these teachings in my readings and am consistently working on myself and my education to better serve my clients.

Currently I only offer Tarot Readings, Spell Consultations, Natal Chart Readings, Solar Return Chart Readings, and Transit Readings.

I currently use a Humanistic approach to astrology, and use Placidus/Tropical house system.  This is the most commonly used system and the one most people are familiar with in todays Age.


My goals for Astrology is to work more into Esoteric Astrology and eventually become a Vedic Astrologer. I do not offer compatibility readings, nor chart progressions, or predictive readings in regard to Astrology at this time. I have great resources of Astrologers who offer these services and will pass you along to them if that is what you are looking for. 

I primarily focus my craft in combining your Natal Chart and Transits of Astrology to the Tarot and guiding you with the understanding that you are your best guru.

It is my goal when I read for you that I give you honesty, integrity, and peace of mind while also helping you find your inner voice.

Only you can know what is truly meant for you, let me be the one to help you find it.



Oakland, CA, USA

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